Tennis News: Carlos Alcaraz's return to danger and Caroline Garcia's smack talk

  • Alcaraz is seemingly back in peak form
  • Garcia talks Coco

Carlos Alcaraz looks all the way back. After winning Wimbledon last July, Alcaraz did not win another title since Indian Wells earlier in March. He did not always suffer from injuries; he also simply seemed not in great form. Either that, or the field was beginning to catch up with him and in some cases, such as with Jannik Sinner, possibly pass him.

But after having an issue with his ankle early in 2024, Alcaraz swept through Indian Well, including a smashing of Sinner after he lost the first set, and the Spaniard is doing the same at the Miami Open. But Alcaraz is not simply about being victorious at one or two Masters 1000s. He wants to win Grand Slams and retake the No. 1 ATP ranking which he held for a short time beginning in 2022.

There is no reason to doubt he can continue his new run of success, either. He appears to have made one or two minor tweaks - for instance, he isn't simply being bombastic; he lets his opponent beat himself sometimes - and that means other players are going to have to readjust to him as well. With Novak Djokovic's career somewhat in disarray, Alcaraz could get back to No. 1 this summer.

Carlos Alcaraz looks all the way back and Carolina Garcia has an idea

During a post-match press conference in Miami this week, Alcaraz spoke about his new and improved form. He said, "I don’t know if this is the best game that I’m playing, but without a doubt, it’s the best feeling. I’m feeling great on the court. I’m moving great, not injured or thinking about the ankle (issue) anymore. I think (this is) the best feeling since last summer."

Speaking of being in great form, Caroline Garcia was also playing some of her best tennis in recent memory. She reached the quarterfinals at the Miami Open before losing to Danielle Collins. But on her way through the tournament, she took out WTA No. 3 Coco Gauff in three sets winning the final set quite convincingly 6-2.

Garcia thinks she knows the secret to defeating Gauff as well: Be aggressive and hit with pace. Sounds rather simple, but a player has to consistently do so over the course of an entire match. Garcia has been ranked as high as No. 4 but that was nearly six years ago. She looks like she might be back in that form, however.

About beating Gauff, Garcia said, "I try to always be very aggressive and take some time away (from Gauff). Looks like Coco doesn't really like it...You just have to put everything together. You have to manage your opponent on the other side of the net."

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