Tennis News: Chris Evert and Holger Rune

  • Coco Gauff talks about her relationship with Chris Evert
  • Holger Rune wishes he hadn't played
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Chris Evert might be the best friend most of us wish we had. She is not afraid to give advice but she does so tactfully and with forethought. She also does not hold back when she believes someone should be praised. In fact, she does the last bit much more on social media than she does the former. Why be mean when one doesn't need to be?

This week during the Miami Open, WTA No. 3 Coco Gauff was asked about some of her potential relationships with former players (Gauff lost in the round of 16). She mentioned that Roger Federer would send her texts, and the tennis world already knew what a fan of Gauff's was Federer. But the American also revealed that she will get texts from Chris Evert as well.

During a post-match press conference at the Miami Open, Gauff said she was a fan of Evert's but due to the generation divide, the young American did not watch a lot of tape on Evert. Plus, to be fair, the game was different when Evert played as well. The technology has changed and tennis has become one that is more about power than finesse. But just because the sport has changed, there is still an obviously mutual admiration between Evert and Gauff.

Chris Evert tweets Coco Gauff and Holger Rune makes excuses

Gauff told the media, "I've gotten to know (Evert) off the court a little bit more. She's a very, very kind person. She texts me sometimes. I always try to text her, especially with the recent news of her illness and everything. As far as like her impact on tennis, she's definitely, if you talk about tennis, she's one of the first names people think of."

In other news, Holger Rune was bounced out of the Miami Open in the round of 64 in humiliating fashion. He lost to Fabian Marozsan 6-1 6-1. But in a social media post afterward, instead of giving direct praise to his opponent, Rune said he "should have pulled out" because he was not feeling very well.

Rune, unfortunately, has a history of making excuses for losses instead of simply saying his opponent was better than him on that day. Tennis should be played with great sportsmanship. Rune has seemingly not learned that yet, however.

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