Tennis News: Cristian Garin's 'cheating' and Danielle Collins says 'stay bothered'

  • What happened in the Cristian Garin match?
  • Collins talks smack to the haters.
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In one of the more bizarre, well...incorrect tennis calls one might ever see, Cristian Garin was playing Nuno Borges in a quarterfinal match at the Estoril Open on Friday and was trailing 2-3 in the second set and facing a break point. Garin served and in the rally that followed, he clearly hit a ball long but there was no call made that the ball was out. Other than a fan calling the ball out, of course.

As there was no call, Borges reactively returned the ball and Garin then hit a forehand wide. Garin had actually lost to the point twice - once on the ball that went long past the baseline and then once when his forehand went wide. The issue is that the chair umpire ruled the point in favor of Garin.

Garin's argument was that after Borges returned the ball that had gone long, Borges stopped running. Garin argued that Borges had stopped the point but he hadn't as he had returned every shot Garin had hit in his direction. The chair umpire, however, agreed with Garin and awarded him the point which evened the game. At worst, the point should have been replayed, but in actuality, Borges should have won the point and the game to go up 4-2 in the second set.

Cristian Garin gets classless and Danielle Collins fights back

To make matters even worse, Garin claimed in the post-match interview that he was "very proud of (himself). (The crowd) was kind of annoying during the match."

Proud? Of what? That literally stole a point from his opponent, and potentially ultimately the match?

The whole business got the attention of former top 20 player Nick Kyrgios as well who called Garin a "cheater" on social media and said the umpire "should be fired and never be able to take place in another match." He's right, too. That kind of error should not be allowed in professional tennis.

In completely different news, Danielle Collins, who has been on one of the best runs of her career recently, was asked during a recent interview on the Tennis Channel if she felt she did not get enough respect. Collins explained that she gets respect from the players on the WTA tour, which is the main thing. She feels any disrespect might come from observers of the sport, not people who are participating.

Collins gave a brutally honest response to those people who find her competitive style of play offending, saying, "For women, you are expected to behave a certain way, and sometimes when you have a big personality and you are really competitive like I am and fiery, that can rub people the wrong way. I just say to those people ‘stay bothered’ ’cause I am me, this is how it is and I am not going to change for anybody."

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