Tennis News: Danielle Collins almost in tears and Novak Djokovic is outdated

  • Collins reacts to an on-court issue
  • Djokovic might be old already
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During the Danielle Collins and Paula Badosa first-round match at the Charleston Open and well into the second set of a match Collins won fairly easily, a linesperson crumbled to the ground with some kind of medical emergency. Fortunately, after several minutes went by and after a medical professional gave aid, the linesperson was able walk off the court. The crowd watching the match stood and applauded in appreciation that the linesperson was OK.

Collins, of course, deals with medical issues every day. She has said 2024 will be her final year playing simply because the pain of practicing and playing while she struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and endometriosis. She likely does not want to stop playing, especially as her current form may be her best ever, but reality is heavier than hope many times.

After the linesperson fell, both players stood to see if the person was OK, and then each went to their chairs while the linesperson was being attended to. Play restarted with Collins far ahead but the American admitted that she found it difficult to finish the match.

Danielle Collins averts breakdown and Novak Djokovic might already be too old

In her post-match press conference, Collins said, "With everything that happened on the court, oh my gosh my heart broke in half. I almost started crying, so to try and reset and come back and close out that match against a tough competitor was not easy. Most importantly, it looks like he is going to be okay, so that’s the main thing."

Speaking of trying to come back, ATP No. 1 Novak Djokovic has not won a title this year yet and has taken more time off then he has played. He appears close to the end of his career, and possibly that young players such as Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz might have passed him by. Of course, it's still early in 2024 and anything can happen.

Djokovic is still likely to hold on to the top ranking until at least the French Open. Sinner has moved up to No. 2 for now and Alcaraz is now No. 3. But according to former player and current commentator Adriano Panatta, Djokovic might already be "outdated" and will have an issue trying to keep winning titles with Sinner and Alcaraz ascending.

Panatta said on RAI, "Jannik invented a new game. Even Djokovic already seems outdated today, not to mention (Roger) Federer or (Rafael) Nadal. These players are already part of the past. But not because they resigned, but because their game no longer corresponds to what is needed today."

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