Tennis News: Elena Rybakina's excuses and David Beckham's tennis hero

  • Rybakina says this is why she lost
  • A soccer icon meets his tennis icon
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Elena Rybakina plays with a ridiculous amount of calm. One might wonder if she needs to let out some rage or celebration more often. Keeping all one's emotions bundled up is great at times, but sometimes in sports, one needs to let loose. But never to show up one's opponents, but only to have some stress relief.

Rybakina, however, seems to have a different reason for why she lost to Danielle Collins in the final of the Miami Open. Instead of Collins simply outplaying her, Rybakina had to make other excuses. I do not mean to imply Rybakina is a sore loser, but she might need to work a bit more on the class she shows when not winning an important match.

The Kazakhstani might have given several reasons for losing to Collins in her post-match press conference other than the real reason she lost: Collins was the better player in the final. Maybe Rybakina is the better player overall, but not in Miami. Maybe she just should have said (even passively), "All credit to the winner. Collins deserves all the accolades."

Elena Rybakina makes excuses and David Beckham goes fanboy over Andre Agassi

But Rybakina actually said, "Of course, physically I was not at my best so I couldn't push myself. Maybe I should have maybe just risked a little bit more when I had these breakpoints, but again, the conditions are tough. The ball, especially if it's not new, is not going that well. Also, the percentage of my first serve was not the best today."

So what is it? The conditions, the ball, the serve, or Rybakina was not in peak physical form? Maybe Collins was just better for one day and that should be good enough.

Speaking of good, David Beckham was a fantastic soccer player and he might be an even better entrepreneur. But even he gets a bit fanboy when it comes to his sporting heroes. Beckham, the owner of Miami's MLS team, got to meet Andre Agassi during the Miami Open and he called the meeting a "bucket list" moment on his Instagram account.

Beckham wrote, "As a kid I had the racket, the over sized shorts, the walk and the hair and now I got to meet the man. WOW what a morning and I got to see that backhand. Thank you." Now that is the kind of class that Rybakina should have showed in her loss to Danielle Collins.

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