Tennis News: Emma Navarro and Carlos Alcaraz

  • Navarro doubts herself
  • Alcaraz discusses who he wants to play like
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Emma Navarro is rolling. The 22-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina will move into the top 20 on the WTA tour but she may have done so in the least vocal way. She has been a good player for a couple of years now, but who knows who she is? Even after matches, she remains calm and thoughtful and, well...quiet.

Not that she doesn't have a personality because she does. Navarro seems like a pleasant person just finding her way in her professional life. She doesn't have a harsh word about it anyway. Other than maybe herself. In an interview with Tennis and Beyond that was published during Indian Wells, Navarro implied that maybe her greatest opponent is herself.

She did not mean in any way to be negative about another player either. Navarro understands she is working her way up the ranks of women's tennis and isn't quite ready to consistently challenge for major titles. Although, one should not doubt her after she defeated Aryna Sabalenka in three sets in the round of 16 at Indian Wells.

Emma Navarro doubts and Carlos Alcaraz surprises

Navarro told the website, "The biggest general challenge is just feeling like I am not good enough, and I don’t belong at this level." She certainly shouldn't think that now. After defeating the WTA No. 2 at Indian Wells, she belongs.

Speaking of belonging, Carlos Alcaraz does. He is certainly one of the better players on the ATP tour no matter his age, but he is also still just 20 years old and is capable of having an all-time great career. His playing style is ultra-aggressive and he can do that because his shot-making is uncommonly good.

But who does Alcaraz most want to play like? He answered that on the Tennis Channel recently. His response might surprise you.

Alcaraz said, "I always say that my idol is Rafa but I want to say that I really want to play like Roger. I’m not gonna lie, you know, his style, his elegance on the court is something amazing. I’ve said it many times my game is more similar than Roger’s game and I would like to play like him. I would love to play against him, at least just once, but yeah, hope to do it."

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