Tennis News: Eugenie Bouchard wins and Jannik Sinner gets insulted

  • Bouchard finally get a win in her chosen profession
  • Sinner is slighted
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Eugenie Bouchard's tennis career never reached the level that many hoped for, including Bouchard. The Canadian made the final of Wimbledon in 2014 and was ranked in the top ten for a short time, but she suffered through injuries and poor form. In the last half-decade, she never found her way into tournaments very often and instead became more of a tennis commentator and chose to play professional pickleball.

Tennis fans are likely split on pickleball. While the game does take a lot of hand-to-eye ability, one certainly does not need the same kind of athletic ability that it takes to chase down well-paced tennis balls from corner to corner on a court. Plus, weekend pickleballers take up far too many tennis courts that people wanting to play tennis would otherwise have.

Still, the fact that Bouchard, a former professional tennis player, struggles a bit at being successful at pickleball means there certainly is a level of difficulty to playing pickleball at the highest levels. Late last year, Bouchard announced she would be playing on the Professional Pickleball Association tour in 2024. To start her career, though, Bouchard failed in her first three matches.

Eugenie Bouchard gets a victory and Andy Murray's coach stands up for Jannik Sinner

Finally, however, at the North Carolina Cup this week, Bouchard won a match. She played doubles with Eric Roddy and the duo won their opening match 11-5 11-3. Bouchard posted on social media about how happy she was to get her first PPA win and was as happy as she would have been had she won on the WTA tour.

One person who was not happy was a tennis fan who watched Jannik Sinner dominate the end of the Miami Open. Sinner swept through the semifinal and the final against Daniil Medvedev and Grigor Dimitrov, respectively, and only lost a combined seven games. He was in such good form that he might have beaten anyone who had ever played the sport in those two matches.

But Sinner also seems to be a good person as well. He has said many times that while being a great tennis player is important to him, he would rather try to be a better person. Based on how well-liked he seemingly is by fellow players and other off-court events he takes part in, Sinner can be considered as much a quality person as he is a player.

But being a good person and player? That is boring to one random fan and Andy Murray's coach, Mark Petchey, took umbrage with what the fan posted on X/Twitter.

The post said, "Sinner… fabulous player, lovely guy… doesn’t interest me at all." Interesting take.

Petchey responded by writing, "We spend 5 years eulogising (rightly so) over Roger handing out smoke shows like Jannik did this week. I for one am absolutely mesmerised by how good he is and how he plays. Only going to get better and a more all court player." Well said, Mr. Petchey.

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