Tennis news: Gael Monfils prognosticates and Andy Murray entertains

  • Gael Monfils responds on his chances to win the French Open
  • Andy Murray deadpans in latest ATP video
Carlos Rodrigues/GettyImages

Gael Monfils and Andy Murray are the thirty-something players who continue to delight tennis fans both on the court and off. Both recently provided some witty fodder for the internet.

In 2023, the French Open celebrated the 40th anniversary of the last French man to win the tournament. Yannick Noah won Roland Garros in 1983, thrilling fans with an upset win over defending champion Mats Wilander.

French fans are hungry for another native champion and would love nothing more than if Gael Monfils won this year's French Open. Monfils was recently asked about his chances to win and provided an accurate and witty answer. He said: "There is 99.9% chance I won't do it. But 100% chance I dream about that." At least Monfils gives himself a 0.1% chance which is better than nothing. The country might have to shut down amid raucous celebrations if this were to occur. Fans can next see Monfils on court at the Monte Carlo Masters; he is a wildcard entry with a scheduled first-round match against Australian Jordan Thompson.

Monfils and Andy Murray are both showmen

The longer Andy Murray plays on the ATP Tour, the more I love him. He is comfortable in his own skin and has shown fans different sides of his personality. The most recent one is his penchant for deadpan humor.

The ATP Game, Serve, Drama video earlier in the season is when we first saw it. Murray was the narrator named Fraser McKnight and talked us through how tennis is "fixed", a humorous way for the ATP to debunk that myth.

Murray was so good at his award-winning role that he is back in the latest ATP video discussing his "family" dynamics. He explains that his mother Judy is an actor and not a very good one. Murray clarifies that doubles player Jamie is his biological brother, but he did apply for the role of Andy Murray so there was some dysfunction there.

Move over Hugh Grant, whenever Andy Murray decides to retire from tennis, he could launch an acting career. His British accent and deadpan delivery are legendary. In the meantime, Murray is rehabilitating the ankle injury he suffered at the Miami Open.

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