Tennis News: Iga Swiatek and Stefanos Tsitsipas

  • Swiatek opens up about hate
  • Tsitsipas says Medvedev dispute is old news
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Iga Swiatek seems to be a bit of a polarizing player. This also appears to stem from her simply being successful. Some complain she wears her hat too low. If she didn't win at a high level, who would even care about that? No one should.

But because of her success and her notoriety, the WTA No. 1 also has a bigger platform in which to speak her mind. This is another thing some tennis fans do not seem to like. What doesn't help her is that the Netflix docuseries Break Point did not care to show her in a good light either.

The docuseries ran for two seasons but is not being picked up for a third. To be honest, the second season made some odd decisions with where it focused its story-lines and which stories Netflix chose not to cover well. We get it that Americans play tennis, Netflix, but there are other, more popular players than Tommy Paul (though he seems like a decent guy). Swiatek was asked about the series in a press conference during her run at Indian Wells and Swiatek did not hold back in her summation.

Iga Swiatek talks about Netflix-caused hate and Stefanos Tsitsipas discusses Daniil Medvedev

She said, "I was involved only in Season 1, and I gotta say that it was kind of a test for me if I’m going to be comfortable talking about my life and, like, opening up so much...I think that the Netflix guys were really nice and really cooperative but in the end there wasn’t much impact we had in terms of editing some stuff we didn’t like.

"My appearance in this series kind of caused some hate towards me and my team. So I just wanted to, you know, live my life peacefully and do my job, so that’s why I didn’t get into the second season."

Speaking of appearances, one might think that Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev do not get along if they only based their view on the first match that the two ever played against one another six years ago. During the match and in the third set, Tsitsipas took an extended bathroom break. This did irritate Medvedev at the time.

But Tsitsipas was asked about his relationship with Medvedev on the Tennis Channel during Indian Wells and the Greek gave a clear response that there was no animosity between the top-15 players. He said, "I guess people still expect some sort of a controversy or hatred between us two... But this has been long gone and not something I focus too much on these days actually." Fair enough and hopefully that puts an end to any further discussion.

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