Tennis News: Jessica Pegula, Roger Federer and Nick Kyrgios

  • What's happening with Pegula?
  • The Federer workout
  • Kyrgios follows his own path
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People making observations about women's tennis can be weird. As opposed to men's tennis, when a WTA player is not playing as consistently as she was, pregnancy rumors begin. That obviously does not happen with an ATP player, but men's players have children as well and possibly could get distracted by their partners being pregnant. My point is that just because Jessica Pegula is not currently playing much does not mean she is with child.

In fact, more likely, she is still dealing with an injury. She chose not to play on the middle east swing of tournaments after the Australian Open which she had in previous years. She withdrew from Doha because of a likely injury. But that she is having to even go public with the fact that she is not pregnant - she made this clear in an Instagram post this week when she simply wrote "Not Pregnant LoL" - is clearly unfair to her.

More than likely, she will return soon and play her decently high level of tennis. Then people can spend their time doing other things than guessing at what is happening with Pegula. Plus, if she ever does become pregnant, that is her business and not the general public's.

Jessica Pegula is not something but Roger Federer still is

Speaking about wondering what a player is up to, Roger Federer gave tennis fans a glimpse of how he likes to spend some of his time. He might have retired from playing professional tennis, but he has not stopped playing altogether. In fact, in a video released on social media this week, we watch Federer as he hits a tennis ball against a wall.

But he is not simply hit the ball anywhere against the wall, he is striking the ball with pace and aiming for a certain spot. It's fairly incredible how much control he has. Now, let's help find the all-time great a partner.

Nick Kyrgios goes against the grain

In case you missed it, Nick Kyrgios, who appears to be becoming some kind of mogul media giant, has a new talk show called Good Trouble with Nick Kyrgios. The show debuted this past month and is a video podcast produced in collaboration with Naomi Osaka's media company, Hana Kuma. On a recent episode, Kyrgios revealed something a bit surprising: He has spent his "entire life trying to be something that (he is) not." This might be a bit shocking as Kyrgios has seemed to be living his best life for a number of years, but clearly, that is not the case.

Kyrgios said, "I actually have spent my entire life trying to be something that I'm not which was trying to be a classy tennis player and carry myself like a true gentleman, which I am but on the court I'm not. So it's like that was against the grain for me but then when I started just being myself I started finding some happiness."

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