Tennis News: Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Mirra Andreeva

  • Nadal says it takes him awhile
  • Djokovic gets dissed for his medical timeout
  • Andreeva still learning
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Not all tennis news can deal with injuries and matches, I imagine. There certainly will be enough of that kind of information on many websites. Instead, we like to do a couple of different things to start your day before discussing who won, who lost, and who could not play.

But I should warn you. For Friday, there might be a bit of bathroom humor. And I mean that quite literally.

As it turns out, bathroom breaks are serious business in the tennis world. Not if someone has to go because we all do, but how long they take. And are people taking excessively long to go to the loo. Let's start there (as, honestly, we all should start our days with).

Rafael Nadal reveals he is too slow to go

This week at the Brisbane International Rafael Nadal received a time violation for running to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom simply takes some people longer than others and when one has to go then one has to go. Between sets in his second-round match against qualifier Jason Kubler Nadal needed to run to the loo but he took longer than the time allotted and the chair umpire had to issue a time violation.

Post-match, Nadal was asked about the situation and Nadal was brutally honest in his reply saying,

"I think what something is strange because I know I have five minutes. Honestly, Brisbane is very humid and I had to change every (article of clothing he had on)...And I came out at the right time, but probably, I don't know if the guy who was with me there said a few seconds later to the umpire. I was told (I arrived) four seconds later. I thought it was on time, honestly. But I am slow. I know that. I'm going to keep trying to improve in 2024."


Well, Rafael Nadal clearly did not try to hide what he was doing. Plus, he had a sense of humor about it. Makes one like him even more, right?

Novak Djokovic gets dissed for a medical timeout

In other news that involves a player maybe taking too long of a break or intentionally bending the rules for his benefit, Novak Djokovic was accused of using medical timeouts as a strategy to help beat his opponent. Former player John Alexander - likely someone's favorite player ever but whom most of the world does not know - told Australian TV he thinks Djokovic takes breaks intentionally. The implication is that Djokovic is trying to disrupt the rhythm of his opponent.

Alexander said, "I think when players are so routinely taking advantage of (the medical timeout) rules and so obviously using them strategically to have an advantage tactically over their opponent, these rules need to be looked at a little bit more."

Whatever, John.

Mirra Andreeva admits to nervousness before she smashes opponent

16-year-old Mirra Andreeva is very likely going to be a great player on the WTA tour. And she learned a lesson at the Brisbane International this week. After her second-round victory over fourth seed Liudmila Sansonova 6-2 6-1, Andreeva admitted to being extremely nervous before the match. Then she realized after the match she wasn't overly happy with the win for very long.

Andreeva said, "Honestly, I was very nervous because it was match going to the quarterfinals and I've never been to the quarters yet. And I was really nervous before the match. And honestly, I thought that I would be super happy after the win, but I wasn't. Maybe for 10 minutes..."

Andreeva appears to be well on her way to having the correct mentality it takes to win a bunch of Grand Slams. She might even sneak through to the final of one major in 2024. But by 2028, she might be a favorite in every one she plays.

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