Tennis News: Stefanos Tsitsipas gets blasted by Rafael Nadal and Corentin Moutet

Tsitsipas said a couple of positive things and players did not like what he said.
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Let this be a listen, kids. Sometimes if a person is trying to be nice, they will still get taken to task for it. Unfortunately for Stefanos Tsitsipas, this happened to him twice this week. One was simply a reaction to a social media post by Tsitsipas saying how nature was so wonderful. The other issue for Tsitsipas was some nice words he said about Rafael Nadal.

Tsitsipas recently won the Monte-Carlo Masters and after the tournament, he reportedly hopped on an airplane to Barcelona where the Greek player was scheduled to play next. This is the life of a player. One has to travel a lot and that means not only country to country but continent to continent and a player is not going to take a ship to travel.

Seemingly while traveling (or soon after landing) on Monday after winning in Monte-Carlo, Tsitsipas took to social media to say how beautiful the world is. He also made a point of saying that people should try to take care of the planet instead of doing things to hurt the environment. Of course, people who fly a lot contribute to causing environmental issues. Still, tennis players cannot help that.

Poor Stefanos Tsitsipas gets disrespected by an all-time great player

Worse, after Tsitsipas posted on X/Twitter, he was criticized by another tennis player, Corentin Moutet. One might wonder what the backstory is there because Moutet's response to Tsitsipas seemed unnecessary, especially as Moutet also would have to fly to tournaments.

Tsitsipas posted, "Nature is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The way the leaves change colors in the fall, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the beauty of a snow-covered landscape. Let's protect and cherish our planet, and preserve its beauty for generations to come."

Moutet responded, "From a tennis player flying every week to a new country." Weird.

But the hate directed at Tsitsipas did not end. After winning in Monte-Carlo, Tsitsipas was asked about the French Open and Tsitsipas said that Rafael Nadal should always be the favorite as Nadal has won the major 14 times. To be fair, the Greek is not wrong. Even a hobbling Nadal is going to be thought of as the favorite at Roland Garros by many.

But Nadal was having none of Tsitsipas's compliments. Asked this week during the Barcelona Open, where Nadal lost to Alex de Minaur in the second round, about what the Greek had said, Nadal said, "It's stupid to think that. Let's face it, you know that's not the case. I suppose there's a lot of respect for what I did in this event, but everyone knows that I'm no longer the favorite to win a tournament."

Nadal has struggled with injuries for much of the last two years, but he is usually a nice person off the court. The Spaniard's comments about Tsitsipas did not seem very nice, however.

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