Tennis social media gets in on the April Fool's Day mania

Barbora Krejcikova and Roger Federer are the subject of the latest April Fool's jokes making rounds on the internet

Darrian Traynor/GettyImages

If there is ever a day when you should not believe what you read on the internet, it is April 1. April Fool's Day has taken on new life in the era of social media. More than regular days, it is a time for people to post crazy rumors and theories hoping they will go unchecked and viral.

Barbora Krejcikova and Roger Federer were the subjects of the latest tennis April Fool's Day rumors. Krejcikova's is more believable than the Federer joke, but neither is true.

Krejcikova was reportedly pregnant according to an X/Twitter fan called moonball enthusiast who shared this breaking news to his/her 1,451 followers at 7:22 AM EDT on April 1. A quote attributed to Krejcikova read in part: "I want to share the good news that me and Pavel are welcoming a baby into our family this year!"

Krejcikova's response and the April Fool's news on Roger Federer

Krejcikova showed her sense of humor in shooting it down. With a video of her dog, she wrote, "Sorry to disappoint but I am still on baby number one."

Roger Federer's April Fool's news is a rumor/joke that hit the ground running last week when Novak Djokovic parted ways with longtime coach Goran Ivanisevic. At the time, fans were clamoring for Federer to come out of tennis retirement to serve as Djokovic's coach.

Scott Barclay shared the "announcement" of Federer's imminent return to tennis as Djokovic's coach with his 9,277 followers at 4:47 AM EDT on April 1. His followers commented that it took them a minute to realize it was April Fool's Day, Some thought it was the best April Fool's joke ever.

April 1 is not over yet so there could be more jokes posted as the day progresses. Readers beware!

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