Venus Williams gets very real about her ability to win tournaments

The five-time Grand Slam champion is hoping to return in 2024.
Gladys Vega/GettyImages

Venus Williams is 43 years old but continues to battle away on the tennis court. She has not been ranked inside the top five since 2018. Since 2019, she has not been ranked 34, and her current rank is 413. Why does she even keep playing? Because she loves to.

Still, Venus Williams has not won a tournament since 2016 and has not battled for No. 1 in 20 years. But there is something about Williams that continues to draw eyes. She is good for the sport of tennis as she always has been. Now she plays with a humbleness that comes from not being very successful but a joy that comes from doing what she cares about.

In a video posted on her YouTube Channel this week, Williams got very honest about her current form. This happened after she had played an exhibition in San Antonio in November against players such as Victoria Azarenka. While Williams did not play the best tennis of her life, she stayed healthy and this is the best she can ask for at this point. Besides the fact, of course, that she is still good at growing tennis.

Venus Williams talks about her form in recent YouTube post

According to Williams, "These kids have been flown and bussed in to come see the pros play (at the exhibition), to see the effect that tennis and sport can have on your life, and to give them exposure to see tennis at the highest level. I’m not sure my tennis will be at the highest level but I’m really trying!"

Venus Williams stopped playing after the US Open in 2023 due to a knee injury. While tennis is very likely the greatest sport ever invented, it can also be extremely hard on the joints for those who play the sport at its highest level. Williams has likely asked herself many times if she would play tennis again.

Venus Williams is aiming to return to playing tournaments in March. The dream would be for her to team up with her sister, Serena Williams, and have them play doubles together. But while Williams might be nearly 20 years older than most of the players on the WTA tour, just being able to watch her on the court is still a joy.

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