Venus Williams's latest project is something she hasn't done since 2010

Williams's latest project is a personal one, the likes of which she has not done in 14 years

43-year-old Venus Williams has shown fans throughout her career that tennis is just one of her many interests. In her peak playing years, Venus was involved in entrepreneurial pursuits including designing her own V line of sportswear. The latest creative project from Venus does not include fashion. It centers around her life-long quest for health and wellness.

Venus has written a book entitled STRIVE. It focuses on eight principles Venus has used to center herself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those eight principles are: “Observe, Appreciate, Balance, Enrich, Soothe, Believe, Inspire and Strive.” She gives examples of how she has embodied those tenets and offers readers ways to incorporate them into their lives.

STRIVE is Williams's second book scheduled for release days after the US Open wraps up in New York on September 10, 2024. She previously wrote Come to Win in 2010, a compilation of advice and wisdom from Venus's friends and mentors to achieve professional success.

Venus announces her book on National Siblings Day

It may not have been intentional, but it felt appropriate that Venus made her book announcement on National Siblings Day (April 10). Serena and Venus are the most successful sibling duo not only in tennis history but also they are arguably the most accomplished professional athlete siblings in any sport.

There are many reasons to be impressed by Venus and Serena Willams. One quality that stands out about Venus was her ability to be a cheerleader for her sister as she rose to become the greatest tennis player of all time.

For sisters close in age who came up through the ranks together, this could not have been easy. Venus was the first to win tennis tournaments, but she never relented in her support of her sister when the tides turned. As Serena won her final Grand Slam at the Australian Open in 2017 (pregnant with Olympia unbeknownst to fans at the time), Venus celebrated Serena though she likely harbored her own wishes of grabbing that elusive and likely final Grand Slam.

Venus has proven to be unselfish over the years so sharing her health and wellness secrets with the public in STRIVE. is another example of that. The book's release date two days after the US Open concludes likely means that Venus would be open to receiving a wildcard and playing in the tournament before hitting the road on the book tour.

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