Zendaya shares how she prepared for tennis scenes in 'Challengers' movie

She did not know how to play tennis when she got the lead role in 'Challengers'
Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

During a press conference for the 'Challengers' movie in theaters on April 26, Zendaya was asked how she prepared for the tennis scenes.

Zendaya had limited knowledge about the sport, and she described the training as similar to a six-week summer camp. The "incredible" and "iconic" Brad Gilbert was brought in to help her and her fellow cast members.

She admitted that all she knew about tennis was Venus Williams and Serena Williams which explains why she recently paid homage to the Williams sisters by recreating their 1998 Vogue shoot in matching Carolina Herrera gowns. Zendaya has made her round at Indian Wells and Monte Carlo but has yet to meet Coco Gauff which she wants to do.

Learning tennis to be able to play the role of a tennis player was a "terrifying" challenge for Zendaya

Zendaya said that she was driving herself crazy trying to pick up the nuances of the game. She found it frustrating that one day she seemed to have a rhythm and be able to feel and make good shots, and the next day it was as if she was starting over.

At one point, she wanted a bigger challenge to see what it felt like to hit a real serve instead of the softballs she was getting lobbed. Zendaya said that she couldn't even see the ball because it was coming at her so fast.

Zendaya has a newfound appreciation for professional tennis players based on her six-week boot camp. Brad Gilbert struck up a friendship with her because both were born in Oakland, and she had a genuine interest in learning the sport so she attended a Pepperdine tennis match (Brad's alma mater) with him. He said there are many similarities between acting and playing tennis, especially for performers who start at a young age. They spend hours honing their craft and need mental and physical discipline. Their lives revolve around their jobs instead of the usual childhood things like school and friends.

We will soon see how well Zendaya pulled off the role of a tennis player; the movie is out in theaters on April 26. Early reviews have indicated that this is a great movie. It has a love triangle but also highlights how hard it is to make it as a professional tennis player.

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