4 tennis players the Taylor Swift bump could help the most

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Taylor Swift has some kind of power. She began dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his jersey sales went up 400 percent and his social media followers grew by hundreds of thousands. Such is the Taylor Swift effect. Plus, Kelce was already a well-known player before he started dating (we assume) Swift.

Maybe even Swift and Kelce are just having a little fun with the general public. Possibly they aren’t even dating but just seeing how far they can carry the game. Maybe Kelce wanted his Q rating to rise and asked Taylor Swift to be his friend and see what might happen.

While all that is unlikely, anything is possible. And Swift likely doesn’t have to be dating someone for the other person to get noticed. For our exercise here, let’s assume she just wants to hang out and be pals with the following players who need the help of Swift to increase their own popularity.

Four players who can use Taylor Swift’s help to increase their popularity

Andy Murray

Oh, I realize Andy Murray is massively popular in the UK, and he is globally respected as one of the best players of his generation. Murray is still playing tennis but losing out to younger players in terms of social media likes. According to YouGov, Andy Murray is only eighth in terms of popularity among all players and has the same ranking in “Fame.”

Murray trails Venus Williams, Roger Federer, and Naomi Osaka. Nothing wrong with those players as they are all great. But none have either played at a high level or played in a long time while Murray keeps plugging along. Maybe Swift could just take a short video of her hitting the ball with Murray.

Iga Swiatek

Swiatek was the top-ranked player on the WTA for more than a year and is still number 2. But she is nowhere near the top 35 in YouGov’s ratings. Instead, she is outranked by players such as Alexandr Dolgopolov. How? I have no idea or any clue as to why. But Swiatek should make a call to Taylor Swift and ask her to be good friends.

Aryna Sabalenka

As with Swiatek, Sabalenka isn’t near the top 35. Maybe this is because she is new to being the top-ranked WTA player or possibly because she doesn’t come from the UK, Australia, or the United States. But Swift might need a Belarussian friend and I bet Sabalenka would make a good one.

Frances Tiafoe

How does Tiafoe not rank in YouGov’s rankings? He is effervescent, talented, and great with fans. He should be in the top 10 and not ranked outside the top 35. Maybe he should take a drive to New York City and ask Swift to meet him in Times Square so they can hit the ball some. Then Tiafoe, thanks to Taylor Swift, will probably be the most famous tennis player in the world.

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