Tennis News: Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Aryna Sabalenka

(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for the International Tennis Hall of Fame)
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for the International Tennis Hall of Fame) /

Chris Evert changed history in lots of ways. She helped make women’s tennis extremely popular, of course, but she also seems to have changed the fashion industry as well. Chris Evert wasn’t a model as he was a tennis player, but when she lost her bracelet in a match at the US Open in 1978, the world shifted.

Billie Jean King, herself also a trendsetter, of course, recently received a tennis bracelet as a gift from Chris Evert and Monica Rich Kosannand’s “The Tennis Bracelet-CE Collection.” The collection began in 2022 and specifically says that it was “born” in 1978. And King took to Twitter (or X) to make sure we knew how the tennis bracelet got its start.

Turns out in that 1978 US Open match, according to King, Chris Evert somehow lost the bracelet she was weird. So play stopped while people could look for it. Of course, Chris Evert was an extremely popular player so her losing her bracelet was noticed by more people than normal. Not only was the bracelet found but many people watching decided they wanted to be like Evert and get their own bracelet. Hence, history changed.

Chris Evert’s bracelet, British Ju Jistsu, Aryna Sabalenka and Ronaldo are in the news

Another player that changed history was Martina Navratilova, obviously. She is arguably among the best three women’s players ever, but she also is outspoken in her views about women’s rights. And when it comes to transgender women playing in women’s sports, she doesn’t like it (you can feel free to disagree). Recently, the British JuJitsu organization updated its policy to allow transgender women to compete in events.

This caught the eye of the ever-knowing Navratilova who voiced her opinion on the subject:

Few people can call an organization they are not affiliated with “jerks” but Navratilova is one of them. In fact, after Navratilova’s tweet, British JuJitsu decided to “urgently review” their policy. Guess a newly 67-year-old tennis legend still has power.

In other news, Aryna Sabalenka has some skills when it comes to her footwork, and she recently showed off her skills only not with a tennis ball but with a soccer ball. The social media clip she posted got a bunch of responses, of course. She is currently the top-ranked player on the WTA tour after all.

But one of the responses she received was from the fantastic striker Ronaldo. He didn’t even need to say words, he just replied with a bunch of clap emojis. That’s enough to make anyone smile, I would imagine.

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