Andy Murray is the WTA's greatest advocate

Andy Murray is better at promoting women's tennis than the WTA
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Andy Murray is a beloved tennis legend for his hard work, grit, and success on the ATP Tour. However, he is almost as great at promoting women's tennis and the WTA Tour. Is it because he is a girl dad, the son of a famous tennis mom (Judy Murray), or because he recognizes the quality of tennis on the women's side? Only he knows the answer to that question, but the WTA should thank him for using his position to promote the women's game more effectively than it does.

The latest example occurred on Wednesday. Murray is known for watching tennis matches and commenting on social media about what he is seeing. The Naomi Osaka vs. Iga Swiatek was the subject of one of his Wednesday tweets that said "Osaka vs Swiatek is a brilliant watch. WTA need to do more to capitalise on these matchups!"

One of Murray's fans/followers said that he was expecting a Murray comment on the match proving just how completely and consistently he supports the women's players.

Andy Murray does not just support the established players, he looks out for the upcoming stars

Russian teenager Mirra Andreeva has also been on the receiving end of Murray's positivity toward WTA players. Andreeva had a fantastic run at this year's Australian Open, but the tennis commentators Murray was watching put a negative spin on her determined attitude.

Murray leaped to her defense, and Andreeva was shocked and honored by his positive comments about her game. In January, Andreeva never met Murray in person but vowed to frame his tweet and carry it with her as inspiration.

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In a full-circle moment, Murray and Andreeva recently met at Roland Garros. They posed for a photo together that will likely also be framed and used by Andreeva as inspiration.

No one is ready for Murray to retire from tennis, but whenever he chooses to do so, the WTA should put him on the payroll because he is one of the greatest male ambassadors of women's tennis we have seen in years.

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