Carlos Alcaraz is now an even more wealthy young man

Alcaraz is fresh off a win at the French Open, but he just printed some money by inking a new deal.
Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open
Carlos Alcaraz at the French Open / Dan Istitene/GettyImages

Tennis fans might have felt like they pressed pause on the future of the ATP for almost a year. Last July, after Carlos Alcaraz defeated Novak Djokovic in five thrilling sets at Wimbledon, men's tennis seemed to crown a new long-term king. But Djokovic changed the narrative. Then Jannik Sinner did too.

Alcaraz finished 2023 with a bit of a thud. He began 2024 the same way and suffered a couple of injuries as well. The worst seemed to be his forearm injury, but that did not stop him from winning the French Open. 11 months after Wimbledon and being ranked No. 1 on the ATP tour, Alcaraz seems poised to retake men's tennis once again.

Sure, Sinner is No. 1 now. Will he stay that way? He hasn't performed as well at Wimbledon as Alcaraz. If both players are perfectly healthy, the Spaniard appears to be a pinch better than the Italian. Alcaraz also already has three Grand Slam victories, though he is only 21 years old, while Sinner, only 22 years old himself, has just one. To be sure, Alcaraz and Sinner seem to be on the cusp of dominating tennis for the next decade.

Carlos Alcaraz breaks the bank with new Nike deal

Neither will be poor while doing so. Alcaraz and Sinner each have sponsors who pay them great money to sell the gear. Sinner has a new commercial for Lavazza which is priceless. It is the proper way to package the product of the player and the coffee. Sinner is funny and well-framed.

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Alcaraz, on the other hand, won't be begging for money any time soon. After winning at Roland Garros, Alcaraz and Nike officially announced a new deal that was going to pay Alcaraz a lot of money for a long time. Alcaraz was already a partner with Nike, but the deal was supposed to end in 2025. Instead, Alcaraz will now earn anywhere from a reported $160-200 million into the next decade. He will make $15-20 million a year.

That is good money for anyone, but if a person is 21 years old and making more than $20 million a year that is something to put away for one's golden years. Or maybe these are Carlos Alcaraz's golden years? After all, he is likely the favorite at Wimbledon and if he comes through, he will have four major titles (at least) before turning 22.

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