Jannik Sinner cannot help but laugh at physio's misery

Sinner has become one of the top-three players on the ATP tour in 2024.
Brennan Asplen/GettyImages

Ruthless. That is no real way to describe Jannik Sinner the person. He seems like a nice person who would not laugh at the misfortunes of others. However, the Italian can be ruthless on the court and has only lost one match so far in 2024. But that harsh mentality carried over to something else on the court in Sinner's fourth-round victory at the Miami Open.

And, no. This is not a hatchet job on Jannik Sinner. We at Lob and Smash like the young player and cannot wait to watch him play with excellence for the next decade-plus. Still, he did laugh at something that caused his personal physio pain.

With Sinner leading 1-love in the second set, he went to reach for a serve from his opponent but could only strike the ball with the top of his racket. The ball then bounced into Sinner's coach's box where his physio was sitting and struck the physio in a place no male ever wants to be hit. The pain was obviously instant, but also everyone immediately laughed about the situation.

Jannik Sinner has a playful laugh at his physio's pain

That includes Sinner who had not seen initially what happened and he had begun to walk to the other side of the court when he turned to look to see what the issue was. The Italian then walked over to where his physio was sitting and everyone had a good-natured laugh.

The physio continued to sit in his seat, clearly uncomfortable, but with a wry smile on his face. At least nothing more serious happened. It might have been odd to see the physio needs some medical assistance from Sinner. That surely would have been nothing to truly laugh about.

Sinner did go on to win the match and was in the midst of another deep run at a 2024 tournament. If he isn't the best player on the ATP tour currently, he is one of the top two. Hopefully, he can just avoid hitting random physios from now on, though.

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