Ons Jabeur and Carlos Alcaraz perform latest viral tennis trick

Jabeur originated the trick, and Alcaraz followed. Who will perform the trick next?
Rob Kim/GettyImages

Ons Jabeur and Carlos Alcaraz are known for their fun-loving personalities on and off the tennis court. Both are also very talented athletes.

That's why it is not surprising that Jabeur and Alcaraz would be on the cutting edge of the latest viral tennis trick.

It is difficult to describe and even harder to do. Treating the ball like a hacky sack and kicking it around enough to provide a bounce to serve it. The tennis ball is never touched by the hands.

Ons Jabeur and Carlos Alcaraz have more in common than a tennis trick

Watching Jabeur and Alcaraz engaging in this trick during practice makes us happy. For one thing, we have not seen nearly enough of either player this year, particularly Jabeur. She is 6-9 so far this year and is due for a breakout spring and summer.

Alcaraz is 18-5 with one title win in 2024, but the Alcaraz sightings have been few and far between also. His forearm issue hampered him while playing in Madrid and kept him sidelined in Rome. Alcaraz on clay is one of the best treats a tennis fan can ask for.

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Both Jabeur and Alcaraz have underperformed according to their expectations this year. Will the French Open be the difference maker? Alcaraz was a semifinalist in last year's French Open; whereas Jabeur has never gotten past the quarterfinals.

Alcaraz comes into Roland Garros as the World No. 3 which is a precarious position because he will either share his section of the draw with Novak Djokovic or Jannik Sinner making his path to the finals especially difficult.

Jabeur's ranking has slipped to World No. 9, but her game is tricky and intricate so it can be disruptive on clay despite the fact her greatest Grand Slam successes are as a two-time Wimbledon finalist.

Do you think Jabeur or Alcaraz will win the French Open? Who do you think will be the next player to try their trick? It could be Bianca Andreescu who commented on Alcaraz's post that it is her turn.

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