Tennis News: Emma Raducanu, Alexander Bublik, Novak Djokovic and AC Milan

  • Raducanu measures success
  • Bublik breaks a record
  • Djokovic to AC Milan?
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Emma Raducanu has had an extremely tough go of it over the last couple of years. Ever since she won the 2021 US Open at just 18 years old, she has either had poor form or issues with health. In 2023, she had surgeries on both wrists and her left ankle. A bit difficult to play tennis when those joints are hurt.

Raducanu is attempting to come back from all her injuries, though. She is only ranked 296, but we know she is a better player than that. She reached No. 10 in 2022. If not for her injuries, she likely would be a mainstay in the top ten.

In 2024, she has played in two tournaments. At the ASB Classic in Auckland, New Zealand, she won her opening match and then lost to Elina Svitolina in the round of 16. She got the same results in the Australian Open as she defeated Shelby Rogers in the first round but then lost to Yafan Wang in round two. But Raducanu is not ready to say she is failing. She understands getting back to her former level will take a while.

Emma Raducanu continues comeback and Novak Djokovic could have joined AC Milan

In a recent interview with National, Raducanu spoke about how she would measure success currently, "For me, success would be seeing my level improving in practice first and then in matches. I know that when my level will be there, putting it into a match will take some time to apply. But I know that seeing the level increase, that results will follow. Also, I would love to win a title of any grade."

Speaking of success, Novak Djokovic has 24 Grand Slam wins and 40 Masters 1000s titles and he got there in part because of his mental approach to winning. His thought process and ability to handle stress are so legendary, that football club AC Milan has taken notice. Moreover, they considered hiring Djokovic as a mental coach recently.

According to La Repubblica, AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale wanted Djokovic to help his team. The tennis great would have given motivational speeches. But sadly, do real discussions to add Djokovic seemed to have taken place and the world is a lesser place for those talks not occurring.

Alexander Bublik breaks a record

Something that did occur was Alexander Bublik winning the Open Sud De France this past weekend and earning 250 tour points. Bublik defeated Borna Coric in the final in three sets 5-7 6-2 6-3. But how he got there is a bit crazy.

Bublik played four total matches in the tournament and in each match he lost the first set. He obviously came back to win each match, however. By doing so, Bublik because the first player ever on the ATP tour to drop the first set of each match and still go on to win the tournament. Also, by winning their event, Bublik jumped four spots in the ATP rankings to No. 23.

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