Tennis News: Emma Raducanu's worth and Carlos Alcaraz's new foundation

  • Raducanu seems set off the court
  • Alcaraz does a good thing
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Emma Raducanu is still trying to work herself back into form after multiple surgeries in 2023. Those included issues for both wrists and one of her ankles. She is young enough to make a full recovery and have a productive tennis career, but taking so much time off is going to have an effect on any player's success. For a player to play consistently well, they need to be able to play consistently.

Raducanu was bounced out of this week's Madrid Masters in ruthless fashion by WTA No. 82 Maria Lourdes Carle 6-2 6-2 in the first round. The Brit looked tired and nothing like she flashed in the Billie Jean King Cup two weekends ago. Maybe her knee was bothering her as she had it heavily taped, but that does not excuse her serve being broken six times.

Off the court, however, Raducanu is not hurting. She has won around $4 million on the WTA, though 62 percent of that ($2.5 million) came from her victory at the 2021 US Open. But the Brit also is the sole director at Harbour 6 Ltd and the company posted a profit of $11.97 million recently. Raducanu also makes money from her various sponsorships which include Nike, British Airways, Christian Dior, Evian, HSBC, Porsche, and Tiffany.

Emma Raducanu's net worth and Carlos Alcaraz's foundation

All told while Raducanu has only made $4 million in career earnings from winning tennis matches, her net worth is reported to be closer to $15 million. For someone who is still only 21 years old, that is good money.

Someone who is even younger than Raducanu, though, is doing something good with some of the money they have earned from sponsorships and winning tournaments. Carlos Alcaraz (net worth closer to $20 million though he is only 20 years old) is opening the Alcaraz Foundation of which he will be the president. The goal of the foundation is to help make the lives of children in Spain better.

The foundation has three pillars: Sports and Inclusion, Movement and Health, and Social Awareness. The idea is to give children a better awareness of not just themselves but the world around them. As Alcaraz is not very old himself, he likely will be able to relate well to those he is trying to assist.

On the court, the Spaniard is still trying to get back completely in form before the French Open. He has missed several events this year, but he did decide to participate in the Madrid Masters. Alcaraz won the tournament in 2023.

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