Tennis News: Simona Halep and Carlos Alcaraz

  • People really wanted to find Halep guilty
  • Alcaraz getting his own show

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Simona Halep was recently freed from her initial four-year ban for testing positive for the banned substance Roxadustat. Her sentence was reduced from four years to nine months after her appeal was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. As she had already served nine months, she was free to begin playing tennis immediately. She is set to return at the Miami Open beginning in a week.

But one might assume, if Halep's attorney is correct, that the International Tennis Integrity Agency very much wanted Halep to be found guilty. The attorney, Howard Jacobs, recently told Sports Illustrated that the ITIA spent a ridiculous amount of money trying to find a way to save face and have Halep's sentence not be reduced. The amount of money could have eclipsed $2 million.

In an exclusive interview with Jon Wertheim, Jacobs admitted Halep's case was complex. He also proclaimed her innocence. To be fair, the CAS did not completely do away with Halep's suspension; they merely shortened it. Had Halep only served five months she would have still had to serve four more months.

The ITIA seems to not like Simona Halep and Carlos Alcaraz goes Netflix

Jacobs told Wertheim, "The case became super, super complicated. I can't even imagine how much money (the ITIA) spent prosecuting it. Cannot even imagine. I'm going to say it's at least $2 million because they had so many experts and they had so many lawyers and everything was fought."

Speaking of money, Netflix has a bunch of it and the streaming service appears set on spending even more of their dollars on Carlos Alcaraz. Netflix just paid Alcaraz a large amount of money to participate in the Netflix Slam in which he defeated Rafael Nadal. Whoever is in charge of Alcaraz's public relations team obviously has a connection with the streamer.

I say this because Netflix and Alcaraz announced on social media on Thursday that a new docuseries about the player will be forthcoming in 2025. Let's hope for two things, though. One is that Netflix produces the show better than it did Break Point. The other is that Alcaraz rounds back into the same kind of form he had in early 2023. That could happen as soon as Sunday when Alcaraz plays Daniil Medvedev in the Indian Wells final.

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