Three dream matchups for the next 'Netflix Slam'

Tennis fans would love these matches.
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The first Netflix Slam was a success. This could be because both Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal played the event as if the match was real. There was no animosity between the players, of course, but there wasn't so much unnecessary showmanship that the event was exposed for what it was: An exhibition.

Both players hit amazing shots because they always do. Maybe the match going to a tie-break seemed predestined, but that is OK. The event was for pure entertainment.

But who should make up the next Netflix Slam? Surely, the streaming giant will hold another because there is money to be made. These potential matchups would be excellent.

Dream matchups for the next three Netflix Slams

Daniil Medvedev versus Nick Kyrgios

This one would be fun if the players just treat the event as it should be treated: An exhibition. Both Medvedev and Kyrgios are efferevescent on the court but in completely different way. In fact, their behavior on the court mirrors their behavior off of it.

Kyrgios is a bit more explosive and open. Medvedev has a dead-pan sense of humor that is fantastic. Plus, this could mark Kyrgios' return to tennis. Each player would interact with the crowd and make the match highly entertaining.

Simona Halep versus Aryna Sabalenka

Maybe organized tennis was not letting Halep play until her suspension was recently reduced, but Netflix is not likely to care about that. Plus, maybe the streaming giant can go one step further and make sure the only person banned from this event is Halep's former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. He was the one in charge of Halep's diet and allegedly gave her the compromised collagen that had the banned substance, Roxadustat, in it. While Halep was suspended for taking the substance, Mouratoglou carried on life as normal.

But there might not be any more popular player globally than Sabalenka currently. She seems like a normal human being playing an abnormal level of tennis. She is funny, quick to smile, and good for the game.

Novak Djokovic versus Rafael Nadal

For this one to happen, the match would likely need to happen quickly. Both players are closer to retirement than the beginning of their careers, of course. But as Roger Federer is no longer playing, these two are the remaining pieces of possibly the greatest trio of men's tennis players ever. Maybe the match could end with Djokovic and Nadal sharing that drink that Djokovic mentioned previously.

Mainly, this would showcase two of the best to ever pick up a racket while both are still capable of winning Grand Slams. Maybe we would rather see them in the final of a major, but the same could be said of Nadal versus Carlos Alcaraz and that Netflix Slam went off well. The ceremony of Djokovic versus Nadal should be even better.

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