Way-too-early predictions for the 2025 Australian Open

  • Women's champion
  • Men's champion
2024 Australian Open Womens Champion Media Opportunity
2024 Australian Open Womens Champion Media Opportunity / Andy Cheung/GettyImages

With the 2024 Australian Open completed, it is time to predict what will happen one year from now at the 2025 Australian Open.

Will Aryna Sabalenka complete a three-peat? Is Jannik Sinner going to be a back-to-back champion? Much can happen during the long 11-month season of tennis, but assuming that neither player is injured, we will predict her and his chances to win again next year.

Sabalenka has proven that she is very comfortable playing in Melbourne and over the last two years, she has played some of the best tennis of her career there. She will repeat as the 2025 Australian Open champion. Her game and confidence shine during the summer Down Under.

With Sabalenka's fate predicted, what about Jannik Sinner?

Jannik Sinner has a perfect record in Grand Slam finals. He appeared in one and won it. The men's game is so much more difficult to predict given the fact that the men must adjust to playing best-of-five-set matches at Grand Slams; whereas, they play best-of-three matches the rest of the year.

While Sinner was extraordinary in 2024, we do not predict that he will repeat as the 2025 Australian Open champion. We are not saying he will not win more Grand Slams, but we don't see a repeat in his future. Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic would be other presumed frontrunners in the event. Fans would not be sad to see Medvedev finally win an Australian Open after coming close two times before.

Carlos Alcaraz is also an outlier. He is difficult to predict because he and his game still have room for improvement. He has long been called the leading player of the next generation, but Sinner could be in that conversation as well. Alcaraz has two Grand Slams, and Sinner now has one.

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