Sam Querrey shares unfortunate news

Former Wimbledon semifinalist Sam Querrey shares sad personal news on social media
David Crotty/GettyImages

36-year-old former World No. 11 men's tennis player Sam Querrey took to social media to share sad personal news. Querrey retired from the game in 2022 but since then has become a successful player on the professional pickleball tour.

Querrey's social media post showed a picture of him lying in a hospital bed. He shared the following update: "Defeated by a plastic ball on a miniature court. Ruptured my Achilles, out of the pickle game for a while, but the return will be one for the ages."

US men's tennis players showed their support for Querrey known for his dry humor. John Isner wrote: "And the rest of the @ppatour breathes a momentary sigh of relief." Reilly Opelka added: "Pickleball lost 50% of its only athletes today. Heal up soon."

Sam Querrey's injury will provide more fodder for his top notch social media game

Querrey's injury is unfortunate. It points to the dangers associated with playing pickleball. There has been an uptick in soft tissue injuries among middle aged recreational players of the sport so seeing a professional athlete who did not experience this type of injury while playing on the ATP Tour amplifies concerns.

On the much lighter side, Querrey will have time to devote to his outstanding social media game while recovering. He has a dry humor that we did not see as much while he played professional tennis. He is a must-follow on Instagram for fans. During the March Netflix Slam between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz, Querrey provided a humorous take on what he (and John Isner) would do for fans paying to see and hit with them in Las Vegas for bargain basement prices compared to the Spanish superstars.

Recently, he answered viewers' questions about his life and career. Querrey has a way of turning a critical comment about his tennis career into a hilarous joke with the person asking it becoming the butt of it. If the pickleball gig does not work out, Querrey should consider stand-up comedy or a podcast because he would be excellent at both.

In all seriousness, I am a huge Sam Querrey fan and wish him the best amid a tough injury setback as his pickleball career was taking off. Get well Sam!

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